Luxury watch at affordable price

I ordered one of these out of curiosity and now I want more of them!

I can’t believe that they are so affordable yet the quality is really good. I stumbled upon this brand by reference from one of my friends.

I am talking about SKMEI Watches. When I first saw the pictures of the watches and my friend showed it to me while hiding the price of it, I was expecting the price to be lesser of course but when he showed me the price, I was blown away!

Okay, Let’s start with the price of the watches shall we. The price ranges from Rs 319 to Rs 1000. Now you’d think to yourself, “It is a cheap watch. What is so exciting about it anyways. It must be a waste of money”

So for you, I have posted pictures of them already in the post. A good-looking, stylish, sporting watch for everyday use, even if it works for a year or so, I think is the best deal.

Image Credits: Skmei Watches

Let’s calculate how much would it cost you per day to use these watches:

The lowest price: Rs319
Days in a year: Rs365
Cost per day: 319/365 = Rs 0.87/per day. Not even Rs 1 per day!

An expensive watch: Rs1000
Day in a year: Rs365
Cost per day: Rs1000/365 = Rs 2.73/per day. This is for a really premium looking watch.

This deal is not to be missed for sure by anybody and I, on the other hand, am really happy with the watch that I have received. What are you thinking? Click on the link below and order a stylish watch for yourself.


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